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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."  -  Carl Jung

Who would benefit from counselling?  The answer is simple - anyone who feels they would benefit.  A young adult experiencing anxiety about exams, a man struggling with the end of a relationship, a woman experiencing a loss of identity following a career change.  These are just some examples of people who make sense of their lives through counselling.

Counselling is a form of "talking therapy" which means you, the client, can talk about your problems or difficult feelings in a safe, confidential environment with a trained counsellor.

Everyone is unique with their own personal view of the world - you are the best expert on you.  Men and women from all ages and backgrounds seek counselling for many different reasons.  These include experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, feeling confused or unhappy with your relationships or struggling to cope with a recent life crises such as divorce or bereavement.  You may simply be feeling that something's not 'quite right' or that you can't be your real self.  You want to make sense of your life. 

As your counsellor, I have no preconceptions of you.  I meet you as you are now and listen to what you share.  As a result of our discussions you may learn new things about yourself, feel more confident in challenging your thinking, and begin to recognise patterns in your behaviours.  This new found knowledge is what gives you the courage to change.

Being able to share how you feel with your counsellor and having your feelings heard and respected can be extremely helpful in facilitating change.

If you think this may be something you would like to experience, or you have any questions, get in touch.



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